The TCR Hub team presented a Sweetie Trail of Pure Imagination from 10th to 12th April 2021 One of our Family Activities Coordinators, Sarah Gent shares her response to the experience:
To be honest, I am still recovering from spending three days as Wilma Wonka as part of our Sweetie Trail of Pure Imagination last week but it was one hundred percent worth the effort. My heartfelt thanks to each and every one of the four hundred and twenty nine visitors who helped to make our trail an amazing experience. It was wonderful to witness so many happy children and grown ups having fun, especially after particularly challenging circumstances we have all faced over the past months.
The TCR team started planning this trail not knowing that it would actually be able to go ahead… but my word, I’m so pleased that we did! It was so joyful to meet you all and witness your children’s pleasure at our silly, fun installations. From the Fruit Shoot, staffed by members of Turrets Youth Theatre performing as workers in Wilma’s Sweetie Factory and the interactive Toot Toot Sweets, to the Haribo House and Quality Street Orchard, everyone had a really good time discovering the answers to our challenge sheet and, well, simply having a blast playing around the beautiful grounds of the Hub.
With people of all ages participating, we were glad to fulfil our goal which was to ensure that families had a fun activity to enjoy over the Easter holidays here in Teesdale that helped us all forget about the trials of the last year. We had Covid-19 safety at the forefront of our minds throughout but were determined to ensure that families were able to relax and enjoy the grounds at the same time. With bookings every fifteen minutes for only two groups of up to six people (no more than two families in each group), we vigilantly planned every itch to ensure that it was safe, even placing our reception outside in a mini bus to avoid anyone entering the building and urging people to respect social distancing whilst visiting us.
We gave our Teesdale Care Package Recipients Golden Tickets so that everyone was able to access the experience and were very pleased when this resulted in ten families visiting the Hub.
It was a huge team effort and we send a massive thank you to everyone who has supported this creative adventure… we could not have done it with you!
Wilma Wonka sends an enthusiastic virtual high five to…..
  • the makers… artists Suzanne Williams, Helen Griffiths, Alice Redfearn, Rachel T, Jane W and her mum, Erin G (every bit of that strawberry counts) and Godfrey too.
  • the food providers… Chocolate Fayre for the lollipops and Moments Café for the dairy-free alternatives, Crispy Cake Makers Grace, Mia and Willow.
  • the Fruit Shoot workers – Tabi, Lois and Izzy, as well as Bob Garton from the Lions Club for lending the coconut shy.
  • the junior sweetie inventors.. awesomely creative kids from Butterknowle Primary School and Ingleton C of E Primary School.
  • the Setter-Uppers – Tom, Jonny, Rachel, Alice, Jane, Roger, Suzanne and Godfrey too.
  • the Golden Ticket creators… Tim!
  • The reception team – our very own Mint Polo girl Netty, Alice and Jane too

And also to all who came… especially those who loved it so much, you came TWICE. It has been a joy and a pleasure to share a little creative magic with you all… Until the next time, trail blazers!

Some of the installations are now headed to Evergreen School to help with their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme this term – we hope that you all enjoy them as much as we have.

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