Wilding Theatre Outdoor Adventure For Children and Families

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Family Activities, Projects

Wilding Theatre is an extraordinary outdoor theatre adventure for children aged 4+ and their families….

Imagine Alice in Wonderland meets David Attenborough…

The Planet is out of balance; Dreaming Earth Giants are stirring from their deep, time-long sleep. Called by a Curlew, Alice finds herself on a fantastical journey that takes her from tree-top to deep underground. She learns to speak Woodpecker and sings with a worm, she tumbles upon a mole and is dwarfed by giant wild flowers all in search of an elusive invitation to meet some very important mushrooms…

Wilding Theatre takes us all on an ecological odyssey of surprises – through puppets, song, clown, storytelling and listening to the natural world – young people and their families alike will become part of the spiralling connections that Alice makes so that together we come to understand how to send the giants back to sleep.

TCR Hub are delighted to be welcoming The Wilding Theatre Project here in Barnard Castle. It is a community arts event; an investigation into our approach as a culture, to climate change, and how to deliver a positive message in the face of the rise of eco-anxiety among children and young people.
Come and meet our “Dreaming Giant” – a living earth sculpture – as part of this performance. The Wilding Theatre Project is an intelligent and playful investigation into our relationship with the natural world around us.
Wilding Theatre will delight young children and adults alike while gently educating them about their local natural habitat and how the preservation of the planet and all it’s inhabitants: animal, insect, plant and human can contribute to a rich and rewarding community for us all.

There are a few tickets remaining so book now! 

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