Teesdale Schools Primary Leavers

Jul 19, 2021 | Outdoor, Projects, Schools | 0 comments

The team at TCR Hub are delighted to have welcomed over one hundred and fifteen Teesdale primary pupils from seven local schools to TCR Hub for special Year Six Leavers’ celebrations over the last fortnight.

On realising another year of pupils were risking missing out on their residentials due to Covid, TCR decided to plan something special for the Year Sixes to mark their graduation from Primary School at the Hub to help plug this gap. 

As Jonny Elliot from TCR said “The move from primary up to secondary is a big significant step in a young person’s life and we felt it’s really important to mark it in some way. We are really pleased to be working with seven schools in July for a day of active fun just for them.

We have provided a tailored day of outdoor activities for groups of ten pupils (so groups of ten rotated around the activities) including High ropes, Bushcraft and canoeing. Thank you to all the schools who have brought pupils to TCR Hub and supported this initiative.”  

There is an action-packed summer holiday programme at TRC Hub including Summer Club, Outdoor Activity Club and family sessions that will help summer go with a smile. To find out more, visit www.tcrhub.co.uk where you can sign up to receive the newsletter to keep informed about what’s coming up at the Hub. 

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