TCR Hub run virtual workshops to support families through Lockdown 3

Our Family Activity Coordinators Sarah Gent and Jane Woodward are delivering online social sessions to enjoy learning a new craft or cooking a new dish together this winter, supporting families through Lockdown 3.

Kicking off with ‘Curry in a Hurry’ on 21st January with cook and baker Naila Laundy, the weekly Homemade workshops promise to be fun and engaging, with the additional appeal of the offer of a pack, delivered to your door which includes everything you need to access the session. This includes everything you need to make the curry sauce and you can view the recipes that Naila has kindly given us permission to share below.

Having run four similar workshops before Christmas and with the But First… Pause project offering a diverse range of online experiences, TCR Hub team are determinedly working with our local community to give people the chance to connect with each other and have fun despite the challenging circumstances we all face in Lockdown.

And we don’t pressure anyone to use their video function on Zoom – we know some families don’t enjoy that so we have a friendly cook, Naila Laundy, showing us what to do so you can just join in and watch her without being on view in your home.

Two places are reserved for families who receive Care Packages from TCR Hub, as we aim to enable everyone to access these sessions, without a financial barrier.

If you’d like to know more, visit out What’s On page to see what’s currently available here. You can also visit Naila’s blog here to enjoy more of her recipes – massive thanks to her for being so generous with her time and support! 

Also, you can contact Sarah direct by email at for more information.

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