Guest Blog: AGM of the TCR Hub by Lisa Johnstone


AGM With A Difference

Being invited to an AGM on a Friday evening isn't everyone's idea of  a "rock n' roll" Friday night out!  However I should have realised that staff and volunteers at the TCR Hub would not hold a regular, dare I say dull, Annual General Meeting.  Absolutely not.  Firstly there was such a huge range of interesting people in attendance with time built in to chat and get to know their links to the hub. The chat was supported by a delicious buffet with a lemon drizzle cake to die for!

Entertainment!  Who knew you could have entertainment at an AGM? Entertainment which showcased the variety of talented musicians who are regular visitors and supporters of the Hub's world class recording studio.

The Friday night soul band performed two popular tunes as we took our seats for the formal part of the evening.

With the glass doors open to the lake and fabulous outside area of the Hub, the gentle breeze kept the room cool whilst the young members of the soul band performed a Stevie Wonder tune, I actually forgot I was at an AGM and felt very "rock n' roll"!

The actual business part of the evening was not dull. It was inspiring.  Staff and volunteers work so hard and despite the obvious difficulties and tough decisions faced in managing any organisation, the message that I took away was that the TCR Hub is constantly moving forward, improving and very importantly consolidating success in order to remain sustainable.

Check out the TCR Hub in 2018/2019 - it is truly the gem in the heart of Teesdale.



Friday Night Soul Band

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