Support for Ukraine

We’ve been doing some research with our partner organisations. We have a number of contacts with first hand accounts of experiences in Ukraine right now.

At the moment we don’t feel collecting items for distribution is the best thing for us to advocate for. There are already a number of organisations and individuals collecting items in the local area who are doing a great job such as Smuffies, Anna’s Boutique and McNab’s Books.

We are advocating for two options we know will make a direct difference.

We are collecting messages of hope and solidarity for children and young people based in the Ukraine and will be forwarding these with our friends at the YMCA. If you would like to send a message, card, picture please email it to or drop it off at the main reception. These messages will go directly to people in Ukraine who need to know we are supporting them.

Donating to the Red Cross. We know that many of the resources currently required at the Borders and in Ukraine are items we can’t get access to. Items such as medication and medical machinery. The Red Cross have the resources and expertise to use our money to source the items and get them where they are needed most.

We may well ask for donations, items and monetary, in the future but for now we will be channelling our efforts towards these two committed international organisations.

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