Speak Out Podcast

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Community, Music

Tom Whittaker, our Music Studio Coordinator shares an update and the first Speak Out Podcast: 

Over the past couple of weeks we have been working in the music studio with a small group of young people to produce a podcast.

This is an outlet for them to talk about whatever they feel might interest others, or things that have impacted them. They have enthusiastically researched and written talking points then recorded over an hours worth of material.

The young people involved have then learned how to edit this down and have ended up with a 30 minute podcast. Some things may link to music, some to current events and others to history. The content is entirely up to them.

They have been learning recording techniques, what microphone to use, what position to put it in and how the microphone works. They have then been learning what to do with that audio once it has been recorded, editing techniques, how to use compression and EQ.

We are aiming to release 1 podcast a week on a Monday night starting in the new year on Monday 11th Jan.

For now, we hope you enjoy episode one of the Speak Out Teesdale podcast and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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