Pancake Packs & Pamper Hampers

We like to do things a little differently here at the TCR Hub when we can and the Food Provision is no exception. We love to provide some treats when we can and with the help of local partners we can often offer some seasonal specialties. This week we are excited to put together some Pancake Packs and Pamper Hampers in anticipation of Valentine’s Day and Shrove Tuesday, coming up very soon! 

Pancake Packages TCR Hub

Our Pancake Packs were the Morrisons Community Champion’s fabulous idea. Gillian has put together packs of pancake mix, syrup and chocolate spread and we have added lemon juice, sugar and extra treats. We can’t wait to deliver them to our recipients. 

The Pamper Hampers contain a little treat for all those parents and carers who might not feel at their best right now. We have managed to squeeze in some mini toiletries, sweets, speciality tea and mini seed packs. Some have even got some small trinket gifts. We know our recipients will appreciate the gesture and the change from their usual packages of pasta and porridge! 

Pamper Hamper Packages
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