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What you can still enjoy at the hub

Fishing is opening up on our lake from 4th July.  This must be booked in advance!

The lake is very well stocked with carp and has been designed to be accessible to all.  Prices are £10 per day, 6am-6pm, children, £3 per day.  In the interests of health and safety fishing is not permitted during any canoe or kayak sessions.

Please phone us on 01833 690150 before planning a fishing trip.  A valid national  fishing licence must be presented prior to fishing.

The lake area is monitored even when the centre is closed.  Fishing is only permitted Thursday to Saturday, when the centre is open.

Recently I was invited to fish the Hub pond at Barnard Castle.

On arriving I walked round the pond and noted, the water was coloured  which indicates fish had been feeding, however no fish were seen on the surface, no bubbles and nothing rising, I was disappointed!!! HOW WRONG I WAS.

I started the session by throwing in a handful of maggots, then put my pole together, fixing a pole rig made up of 3ib line direct to a size 16 barbless hook. Putting two maggots on the hook, I placed the bait in at some five metres out. The result was instant,the float dipped and in only seconds an 8oz common carp was landed. Within twenty minutes ten such fish were caught.  

I continued the session trying Maggot, Sweetcorn, Bread flake and Pork Luncheon meat, the results were all the same. In five hours 136 fish were caught, a fish every three minutes, not big fish being 2oz to 1 1/2lbs

The fish do range from 2oz to 15 lbs. Late in the session a good number of doubles were seen on the surface, ( fish over 10lbs )

I can only say that this is an excellent fishery for teaching young children to fish for carp. 

Well done the Hub and thank you very much for an excellent day fishing . I will be back with my Grandson.”

John Brown, Darlington 

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