Canoeing Kayaking

Canoeing and Kayaking on our custom built lake provides a safe venue in which to learn this fantastic sport.  Water activities are charged at £60 for the first hour with subsequent hours being charged at £45 per hour for groups of 5 - 8 participants.

Both canoeing and kayaking combine teaching skills and techniques with activities such as water polo and stuck in the mud to allow the individual to build on the techniques learned.  Minimum age for canoeing is 6 years old and for kayaking is 10.
Instructors are BCU Level 2 or higher and fully trained in ICT Outdoor First Aid.

Buoyancy aids are provided and MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES.  Anyone seen without their aids and helmets will take no further part in sessions on the water.

Canoeing and Kayaking can be booked as a party event, for groups, schools, scouts or for individuals.  Perfect for any age group and any organisation.  Canoeing can be booked in conjunction with other activities encouraging participants to push themselves, try a new experience and work as a team to achieve an outcome.


Book Online

Your canoe or kayak party or experience can be booked online.  Check dates with Rachel or Laura on 01833 690150 and then book and pay online.  You will receive a confirmation email which is your receipt for the booking.  Please do check availability prior to booking.

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