Music Studio at the TCR Hub

Music Studio at TCR Hub

Booking a Music Studio

We welcome School and Youth groups to the TCR Music Studio. We work alongside professional teachers, musicians and technicians who can create a welcoming and professional experience for your group.
Prices are reasonable and we can work with whatever budget you have to create something truly special

TCR Music Studio

Recording Studio

The recording studio is a state of the art studio running Pro Tools and Reaper.

We have an SSL aws 900+ SE desk that works with Pro Tools and Focusrite Saffire pro 40 for Reaper as well as a wide selection of microphones and varied recording spaces.

The music hub is run by a team of highly skilled, experienced and passionate musicians.

Please contact us with any queries related to our provision.  Our Music Studio at the TCR Hub studio is a gem in the heart of rural Teesdale.

recording studio TCR Hub

Our rooms were created by one of the top studio designers in the industry to give the optimum sound for instruments and vocals.

A forward thinking design giving the rare ability to record from up to nine independent spaces, meaning the largest of bands can record live while keeping the recording of each instrument clean of spill.

Acoustic windows and mic and headphone ties between spaces allow musicians to watch and communicate with each other. The unique arrangement is the ideal solution to the problem of retaining the energy of playing live as a band against the clarity of recording each instrument separately. Bands can save huge amounts of time and money in the studio by recording in this way.

Rehearsal Space

Due to the high specification acoustic design, all  practice rooms give a noticeably clearer sound for when practicing compared to regular practice rooms.


Due to this bands are able to hear what’s going on with far more ease leading to more productive practicing. We have two large, and one medium sized practice spaces.

Every room includes 2 guitar amplifiers, 1 bass guitar amplifier, PA system, keyboard, two microphones with stands and XLR cables.

Band members are expected to provide their own guitar leads and drum sticks.

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