Rehearsal Space

Rehearsal Rooms

Due to the high specification acoustic design, all  practice rooms give a noticeably clearer sound for when practicing compared to regular practice rooms.

Due to this bands are able to hear what’s going on with far more ease leading to more productive practicing. We have two large, and one medium sized practice spaces.

Every room includes 2 guitar amplifiers, 1 bass guitar amplifier, PA system, keyboard, two microphones with stands and XLR cables.

Band members are expected to provide their own guitar leads and drum sticks. Alternatively, you can rent these for 50p per item or purchase a brand new one from our store.


Under 18's

£2.50 per person/45 mins

£3.50 per person/90 mins


£8 per room/45 mins

£12 per room/90 mins

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