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We have 4 music teachers and offer a range of lessons including singing, piano and brass instruments.

We can offer a number of tuition options from individual lessons to small group sessions for beginners focusing on a particular instrument or working with a band.

Instruments and skills taught include drums, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, singing and brass. 

From Easter 2021 our music studio will be open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 3pm-8:30pm (term time only).

Lessons are currently being delivered virtually online and depending upon local and national guidelines in place this remains an option.

Music Teachers

We are fortunate to have built up a network of professionals who can teach a range of musical disciplines.

The recording studio and music department is managed by Tom Whittaker with a team of dedicated musicians who teach various disciplines.

Tom offers drum lessons, recording sessions, mixing, mastering and more.  He has been a professional recording engineer since 2009 and a musician his whole life. Read more about Tom on his website here. 

Rosie teaches singing, piano, brass and is a multi instrumentalist. Read more about Rosie on her website, Happy in Harmony.

Finlay is a valued member of the music tutor team who, working under the guidance of Tom, helps deliver a variety of music lessons, working towards grades or for personal improvement and fun.

Rosie demonstrates 3 easy ways to help your kids get into music and her one minute piano lesson in her videos here…and no musical knowledge is needed by parents!

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