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We offer a range of types of music lesson.

Our music teachers are self employed and pay a rental fee towards the cost of running the studio. This provides the teachers with the flexibility to meet student needs and teach across the region and also ensures efficient use of the available spaces.

We can offer a number of tuition options from individual lessons to small group sessions for beginners focusing on a particular instrument or working with a band.

Our music studio is currently open Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday daily until 8:30pm (term time only) although we can be flexible if required.

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Music Teachers

We are fortunate to have built up a network of professionals who can teach a range of musical disciplines.

Tom offers drum lessons, recording sessions, mixing, mastering and more.  He has been a professional recording engineer since 2009 and a musician his whole life. 

Rosie teaches singing, piano, brass and is a multi instrumentalist.

Rosie and Tom are both available with regular teaching hours at the Hub.

Rosie demonstrates 3 easy ways to help your kids get into music and her one minute piano lesson in her videos here…and no musical knowledge is needed by parents!

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