Making Memories Friendly Group Supporting Those Affected by Dementia

Making Memories is a group run by local volunteers, who are experienced and trained to work with people living with dementia.

It replaces the Games for the Brain group previously run by the Alzheimer’s Society.

This dementia friendly group meets weekly to socialise,  play games, do gentle chair exercises and offers a wide range of activities and games tailored to meet the interests of those attending.

The activities offered include table tennis and badminton for the really energetic and we play seated team games such as Botcha and Curling. A game of dominos is always popular and we have crafting opportunities for those who wish to be creative.

The objective is simple-to have fun and leave smiling.

At The Hub Monday afternoons from 2-3.30pm, refreshments provided. For more details please contact Anne Platten 07380 828686

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