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By the end of June 2021, TCR Hub will have more space for the community to access vital resources to support young people, fledgling businesses and community work, due to the departure of successful/established local enterprise, Serene Spa.


By continuing the tradition of working with young people to enable their business ideas to thrive, TCR Hub aim to offer training and opportunities to further enterprise and growth in the local community.


As a charity, TCR Hub was built to nurture young people, develop new businesses/enterprise ventures and to enable local people to deliver exciting opportunities to children, young people and the wider community. 


Chair of TCR Hub board Dave Smith explains, “As our community is aware, we are passionate about providing our local, young people with opportunities to develop and hone their skills here at the Hub. 


The Serene Spa team have established a brilliant business over the last nine years. It has been a pleasure to watch them grow and expand.  The whole TCR team is sad to see Serene Spa move on and we wish them all the best in the next stage of their journey.


The TCR board have not taken this decision lightly but feel strongly that  it is time for us to ensure that more people are given the opportunity to develop their skills by utilising the space and support we have available here.” 


There are no plans to replace the business with another long term tenant. TCR Hub will divide the space into smaller, short term units and rentable office space with an emphasis on supporting young people and enabling more people to access this support. 


Due to the number of enquiries received over the last eighteen months, the charity are aware of a growing need for more space for community work with young people and small enterprises who are not yet ready to take the steps to a full-time venue. The goal is to help more potential businesses to grow and expand beyond the space available at TCR Hub.


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