Homemade Workshop: Elderflower Flu Remedy

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Join our Family Activities Coordinator Sarah and Food Provision Coordinator Rupert Philbrook to learn how to make your own Elderflower Flu Remedy.
This Homemade workshop will provide families with a friendly, community space in which to enjoy being creative together, with the additional appeal of getting out and foraging for Elderflower berries now when they are ripe and are easy to find in the Teesdale hedgerows. If you aren’t sure what elderberries look like, please do wait for the session as we will run through some tips and you can make the remedy another time.

Sarah will be making the  at the same time but also sharing some other foraging tips for this time of year. We can enjoy this experience together, hopefully resulting in a delicious elderberry syrup which has antiviral properties.
To participate, please have the following (you are most welcome to come along and watch without participating!):

Elderberry Flu Remedy:
500 grams of berries
Water to cover berries
225 gms sugar (approximately)
5 cloves
1 lemon (some people use citric acid)
2 cm piece of fresh finger (optional)
Equipment for foraging:
A basket or Tupperware tub to carry 500 gms of berries – do not use a bag because the berries might get crushed.
Scissors or gardening secateurs.
Equipment for the homemade workshop:
Fork to remove berries from stalk
Large pan
Wooden spoon

You can view the recipe here.

Once you have booked, please add your email address so we can send you a private invite to the session. Also, please be aware that the video function in Zoom can be switched off for participants unless you wish to switch it on. We are aware that some families may not wish to be on screen. You can also remain muted throughout if you would rather not be heard by the group.

If you cannot source the materials, please email Sarah at sarah.tcrhub@gmail.com and she will help. We would love to support everyone in accessing these sessions so if you are self-isolating, please order your pack.

Thank you to National Lottery players who have funded this project through the Community Lottery Fund!

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