Happy Soul Hikes

We are so excited to be able to work with young women specifically and encourage participation in the outdoors with a nurturing and caring vibe! We have received investment via the Sported x Vodafone Fund to work with a small group of local young women aged between 14 and 20 years.
Working with qualified female Mountain Leaders Rachel and Rosie, the group will enjoy up to four days of hikes around the North of England. We want to break down the barriers to people accessing the outdoors. We know that often Mountain Life is still perceived as a male environment and we want to promote positive experiences of mountaineering and encourage male hikers as allies.
We’ve still got a way to go and this mini project is certainly not just for women who are looking for a career in the outdoors. The walks will be relaxed, fun, tailored to the experiences and wishes of the group. We are looking for young women who weren’t the first in line for DofE, shyed away from PE or don’t have the first idea about walking kit (Yes this was one of us a long time ago!).
Being in the outdoors is incredibly good for our mental and physical health and we promise you a day in the mountains will make you feel fantastic! To express an interest in a place, please contact us with your available dates, name, email and age.
You’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a go!
Info@tcrhub.co.uk or 07415167940.

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