Food Waste

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How we are tackling food waste in Teesdale

The Community Fridge is available to EVERYONE from Monday – Friday. The contents solely depend upon donations from local supermarkets, and we tend to suggest timing your visit from late morning onwards to allow our lovely volunteers time to collect.

Bring your own bags.

This food is otherwise destined for the bin – if it isn’t collected by our community, we have the sad task of disposing of it! 

Small donations are hugely welcome to keep our food provision going.

Let’s feed people not landfill!

The goal is to prevent food waste as well as support our community. 

Food waste TCR Hub

Working with FareShare and local Supermarkets and Businesses

Our Community Pantry is open to anyone who wants to reduce waste within our community. We rescue food and other household items and sort them in our workshop. We then package them in the pantry and invite you in to do some waste free shopping! We have shelves containing all sorts of items from baked products to fresh flowers to frozen goods.

Outdoor Fridge

When we have food and other household goods, which would otherwise be added to landfill, much of it is available from our front doors.

We are so fortunate to have an Outdoor Fridge which keeps perishable goods fresher for longer.


Food Waste For All

The community food pantry and  fridge is available FOR ALL. It is not only for those in need or struggling. By using food from the pantry, you are:

  • Reducing waste
  • Reducing the amount of food which is sent to landfill
  • Being kind to our fragile planet
Food waste TCR Hub Prevention

Giving Back

Please donate if you can… and want to.  A suggested donation of £3 for 2 bags of food collected would help us:

  • Support those who are struggling
  • Help prevent hunger in Teesdale
  • Continue the work we do in our community

…and REMEMBER to bring your own bags!


If you have any questions…or if you wish to get involved by donating, volunteering or supporting in other ways, please email

Learn more about the work of  FareShare here. 

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