Focus Group For Men

On Friday 10th June we are hosting a focus group session for men aged 18 years plus to help research economic equality and control/abuse in heterosexual relationships. They are looking for men aged 18+ who are or have been in a relationship with a woman. We can send an info sheet to give you more information and to pass on to anyone who might like to be involved.
Could you help us out by sharing your views and opinions in a focus group for research into economic equality and control/abuse in relationships?
Participants will discuss where their understanding of how they manage finances in relationships comes from, discuss how finances are arranged in their family, and consider some case studies and discuss to what extent they think they are based on equality or control/abuse.
Although it might feel weird to talk about money management and relationships – it can be really interesting to hear the different ways in which people learn about and practice money management!
The sessions is 60 mins from 1pm on Friday 10th June at TCR Hub. Lunch is provided.
Book to be part of this workshop here:
Please share with friends and family who might be willing to support this important research.
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