Environmental Challenges…Have a go!

Hi, its Jonny here. Before Christmas myself and Kirsty engaged with schools in the area to provide Outdoor Learning Sessions, as part of the But First…. Pause.

Due to the lockdown, we were unable to complete the last sessions. To keep in touch with the students and deliver what we could virtually, Kirsty designed some Environmental Challenges, of which they could pick one to complete and send it in, with the chance to win a free outdoor session here at The Hub, once Government Guidance allows.

We got some great work back and here are two of the winners; Rosie and Jake.

I have included the challenges underneath for families and children to do if you are out for a walk or stuck at home needing something to do.

Choose and complete one of the following tasks:

1.     Draw a detailed map of a walk you can do in your local area. Include a key, scale, points of interest and information on what to look out for and how to stay safe on your walk.

2.    Help look after the local wildlife. You could design and build a bug hotel? Make some bird feeders? Could you create some bird or bat boxes? Perhaps you could design a garden full of plants to attract butterflies and bees?

3.    Create a poster for your local park advising people about the dangers of litter and rubbish for wildlife.

4.    Come up with some ideas as to how you could help the environment at school or at home – write a report looking at areas such as sustainable energy, recycling or reducing your carbon footprint.

If you send any completed work to: jonny.tcrhub@gmail.com, we can feature them on our Facebook page.

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