Easter Care Packages

We are once again seeking donations towards our Community Care Package Scheme. This time we are looking for donations towards our Easter Package Delivery. We are filled with hope that our Care Package recipients will be able to start returning to some normality over the next few months but for now, they still need some support.

We have seen our numbers increase since December as many people continue to be required to shield, people are displaying signs of anxiety and worries about mixing with the rest of the population and many people are still on furlough from work or unable to reopen their businesses at present. We are doing all that we can to support these households with weekly deliveries of food, cleaning items and toiletries. We are also offering online support services where possible such as fitness classes, creative and art classes and one to one catch ups and conversations.

We would love to be able to provide our households with a bumper package for the Easter Holidays. Our Christmas packages were so well received and households were very grateful for the support of their community. We need this last push to get us through until June when we hope we can work with recipients to reduce any dependency on care packages.

We are slowly building up our alternative support methods to weekly care packages in line with Government restrictions such as Recipe Boxes, online cooking sessions, surplus Waste Not Boxes and hopefully soon the return of our Community Cafe and volunteering opportunities in our Community Garden.

We would be very grateful if you could provide support for our recipients by either leaving out some long life food items for one of our volunteers to collect, or by making a donation via our GoFundMe page.

We have included a list of the items that are most needed and the link to our GoFundMe page here. Your volunteer will complete the section which lets you know when they will be collecting donations from your doorstep/driveway.

Thank you very much. We really appreciate your support.

Care Packages TCR Hub

Teesdale Care Packages being packed by Rachel Tweddle CEO of TCR Hub

Goods we are in need of:

Tinned Meals such as meatballs, spaghetti, beans and sausages
Tinned Veg with a Ringpull lid
Tinned Fruit with a Ringpull lid
Pasta and Pasta Sauce
Quick Cook Packet Meals such as noodles, rice, pasta.
Quick Cook Desserts such as sponges, rice pudding, custard.
Squash and Juice
Tea, Hot Chocolate and Coffee
Sugar and Flour
Salt and Pepper
Stock Cubes
Tinned Soup
Tinned Fish with a Ringpull lid
Shampoo, Shower Gel, Toothpaste, Soap, Flannels and Sponges.
Disinfectant spray, Washing up liquid, Washing powder or liquid, sponges and cloths, refuse sacks.
Biscuits, Cakes and Easter Themed Treats
Coloured Pencils, Coloured and Plain Paper, Glue Sticks.

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