But First…Yoga!

by | Mar 3, 2021 | But First Pause, Projects

My name is Sarah and I have had the privilege of being part of this amazing funded project since October. I have delivered an array of yoga-inspired classes for people of all ages and abilities, including, adult yoga for beginners, mum & baby yoga, storytime yoga and yoga crafts.

During the pandemic generally, and especially during the third lockdown, these classes have given people the opportunity to stay connected with others and improve their wellbeing. In adult yoga we have practiced poses and sequences to help to re-connect, re-set, re-juvenate and re-lax. The mum & baby yoga sessions have offered a fun and interactive way for mums to practice yoga with their little ones, strengthen the bond between mum and baby and socialise with other mums. Fun Sun Salutation has been the absolute highlight during these classes! Storytime yoga has offered young children and their grownups the chance to take part in fun yoga sessions and act out well known stories, such as Zog, The Paper Dolls and Room on the Broom, in yoga poses. Yoga crafts has been enjoyed by both children and the adults assisting them and has produced some of the most amazing mindful crafts!


But first pause Yoga Crafts

Sarah Hodgsons Yoga Crafts Class

The pandemic has been tough for many of us, especially the third lockdown and the But First…Pause project has offered light relief and much needed focus to help people through a very tough time. The sessions have evolved into fun, inclusive and interactive experiences that have been enjoyed and appreciated by lots of people. Some of the feedback has been truly heartwarming.

From a personal perspective, being part of this project has given me focus and helped me stay connected with our community, during what could have been an isolating time. I feel incredibly grateful to have been involved in it and privileged to have met so many wonderful people! Here are some of the highlights I have managed to capture…



But First Pause Yoga Crafts
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