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The Hub is a unique, state of the art facility, home of the charity Teesdale Community Resources (TCR) that has delivered an  extensive programme of activities to young people in the Teesdale area for over 30 years.

The TCR hub is a community centre for the entire community. It offers a huge range of activities but is also a great party venue, a meeting place, a centre for relaxation, a beautiful, unique building centred in a natural landscape which blends and merges into the environment due to the progressive architecture.

The TCR Hub

The TCR Hub

The roof is one of the first things the visitor will notice.  The roof is covered in grass, wild flowers and plants.  It has been designed with a waterproof membrane ensuring the building below is snug and dry whilst the roof provides an eco-climate for a range of wildlife and plants.

This year Oystercatchers nested on the roof!

Parking is plentiful at the Hub and  vehicle access is available to the Lake for anyone with mobility issues.



The Spectacular Roof

The Roof of the Hub

The central Atrium is glass covered allowing natural light and heat from the sun to bathe the central area.  The Atrium leads the eye naturally to the Lake and the tranquil surrounding area.

Atrium to the lake

Atrium to the Lake

The habitat is managed in a sustainable manner and boasts a variety of wildlife, from a lake teeming with Carp, trees and shrubs which support finches, thrushes, blackbirds and many more,  to families of resident Water Hens, Herons, Kingfisher, a visiting Otter, Roe Deer, birds of prey including Buzzard, Tawny Owl, Kestrel, Sparrow Hawk and spectacularly a  Red Kite.

The Hub is keen to offer facilities for the whole community regardless of age and as such is diversifying the range of services on offer.

We aim to have something for everyone and are open to suggestions for activities you would like to see at the Hub.

Our facilities are excellent, modern, bright, airy and provide a range of exciting opportunities for fun, challenge, education, creativity, rest and relaxation.

The Lake from the south

The Lake

Please contact us by phoning 01833 690150   or simply call in!  We are open 6 days a week. Details of our opening hours are below.  A member of our team would be delighted to show you around.

TCR is eternally indebted to 24 years of tireless and visionary work by Keith ‘Joe’ Jones.

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