The Lake Area

The lake and the beautiful outside area is maybe more the “hub” of the Hub than the actual building!

From the moment you enter the stunning atrium at the Hub, your eyes are drawn to the lake and surrounding nature reserve, managed to provide a safe and ecologically diverse habitat for wildlife and fun seekers alike.

The Lake from the south

The Lake

The Lake and Picnic Area

The Lake and Picnic Area

The lake is the centre of the kayak and canoe activities. The lake is also full of fish and fishing is allowed to anyone holding a national river licence.


Canoeing is a paddle sport in which you kneel or sit, facing forward, in an open cane and propel yourself forward with a single bladed paddle under your own power.  We have “Old Town-Discovery 158” canoes at the Hub.  Canoeing can be for solo or pairs of canoeists. Our instructors will teach you the basics, if you have never canoed before, or build on your existing level if you wish to improve.

Learning a new skill

Learning a New Skill

First Canoe Attempt


Instruction for Canoeing



Similar to canoeing but using a double bladed paddle, kayaks can have closed decks but are still easy to get in and out of.  We use Robson Moonster kayaks which are designed for both white and flat water.  Kayaking is performed solo.

Both canoeing and kayaking combine teaching skills and techniques with activities such as water polo and stuck in the mud to allow the individual to build on the techniques learned.  Minimum age for canoeing is 6 years old and for kayaking is 10 years old. 

Instructors are BCU Level 2 or higher and fully trained in ICT Outdoor First Aid.

Buoyancy aids  and helmets are provided and MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES.  Anyone seen without their aids and helmets will take no further part in sessions on the water.

Canoeing and Kayaking can be booked as a party event, for groups or for individuals.

Learning before Launch

Learning before Launch

Kayak Party

Kayak Party at the Hub


Prices are £6 per day, concessions £3 per day.  In the interests of health and safety fishing is not permitted during any canoe or kayak sessions.  Please check our calendar or phone us on 01833 690150 before planning a fishing trip.  A valid national  fishing licence must be presented prior to fishing.


Fishing at the Hub

Fishing at the Hub

Canoeing and Kayaking

  • small group (3-4 people) £25 per hour
  • large group (5-10 people) £60 for first hour, £45 for each subsequent hour


  • £6 per day
  • £3 per half-day or concessions

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