logogreenpngg_music_studioThe TCR Hub studio is a gem in the heart of rural Teesdale.  Due to the large amount of money injected into the Hub as part of the myplace lottery grant, the studio has been able to install equipment from the outset meaning that its features far surpass any comparable studio in the area.



The project is run by a team of highly skilled, experienced and passionate musicians who have each been involved in its evolution for over ten years.

Music Manager TCR Hub

Pete Bousefield Music Studio Manager

The studio offers high level recording facilities, rehearsal spaces and a variety of tuition packages to clients.

Studio Manager – Pete Bousefield

Pete is Studio Manager and has grown up through the TCR music project joining at the age of 13 when, even then, he showed exceptional talent as a guitarist.

By his late teens he had racked up a huge amount of live performance experience in various bands being regularly hailed as one of the finest young guitarists in the area.

He was taken on by TCR as a part time tutor while still at school and has since, through demonstrating a natural connection with young people and incredible passion for music, worked his way up to the position he is in today.

Pete currently specialises in teaching guitar and also teaches drums, rock keyboards and studio skills.  He holds a higher level teaching diploma in guitar from the London College of Music.  Outside of the Hub he continues to perform live regularly with his highly accomplished band Boneshaker.



The TCR Music Studio has over 15 years of music tuition experience behind it.  The studio offers a number of tuition options from small group sessions for beginners focussing on a particular instrument or working in a band scenario to bespoke one to one sessions or coaching for established bands.  Instruments and skills taught include drums, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, song writing, vocals and music production. Please read about the tuition available along with full details of  prices.

musician at the hub studioRehearsals

Due to the high specification acoustic design all our practice rooms give a noticeably clearer sound for when practising compared to regular practice rooms.

Due to this bands are able to hear what’s going on with far more ease leading to more productive practising.

We have two large, and one medium sized practise spaces. Every room includes 2 guitar amplifiers, 1 bass guitar amplifier, PA system, keyboard, two microphones with stands and XLR cables.


A forward thinking design giving the rare ability to record from up to nine independent spaces, meaning the largest of bands can record live while keeping the recording of each instrument clean of spill. Acoustic windows and mic and headphone ties between spaces allow musicians to watch and communicate with each other. The unique arrangement is the ideal solution to the problem of retaining the energy of playing live as a band against the clarity of recording each instrument separately. Bands can save huge amounts of time and money in the studio by recording in this way.

The cost of hiring a studio is:

  • Recording with Engineer – £25 /hour
  • Mixing and Mastering – £25 /hour
  • Recording without Engineer – £12.50 /hour

You can also record in the main hall, which has the capacity to hold 100 people – or the dance studio – this makes it ideal for orchestras and choirs.


Jack Francis recorded his EP in 2015 and invited us to record a studio track for his first track “My Home is With You”.  Enjoy!

Full information regarding the TCR Music Studio is here.


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